How to create shortcuts for VS Code Workspaces with custom icons

April 29, 2020

Note: This is only for Mac, not windows. 


  1. Open whatever project you want to create a shortcut for in vsCode.
  2. Go to: File > Save Workspace As...
  3. Save your workspaces in a new folder. I called mine vsCode Workspaces.  (it doesn't really matter where, as long as you know where they are.)
  4. Go to the file in finder, right click on it and select "Get Info".
  5. Open your thumbnail image in preview.
  6. Copy the Image (either cmd + C, or go to Edit > Copy)
  7. Back in the "Get Info" window Click on the little file icon at the top left.
  8. Paste the new thumbnail image in with cmd + V.
  9. Now, drag your Workspace file into the dock and now you've got a shortcut icon in your dock to open a vscode workspace in ONE click.



You can also use this method to change out Desktop App Icons!!!!